The Catholic University of America

Steven B. Kraemer - Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Astronomy, University of Maryland, 1985
B.S., in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978

Professional Affiliations

American Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Professional Experience

Co-Investigator, Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph team
Research on Seyfert Galaxies
Computer modeling of astrophysical plasmas
Spectroscopy - ultraviolet and optical
Development of embedded software to operate astronomical instruments
Operation of astronomical satellites
Calibration of astronomical instruments
Supervising graduate student research

Awards and Honors

NASA Engineering Leadership Group Award, 1999
NASA Group Achievement Award: HST STIS Development Team, 1998
NASA Group Achievement Award: HST GHRS Development Team, 1991
NASA Group Achievement Award: HST Observatory Verification team, 1990
CSC Professional Paper Honorarium Award: 1995

Research Grants and Activities

Co-Investigator on HST, IUE, and Chandra programs
Member of peer review committees for LTSA/ADP proposals