The Catholic University of America

Dr. Pamela Clark

Personal Information

Code 691 
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: (301) 286-7457
Fax: (301) 286-1681

Research Interests

Scientific specialty: Planetary geochemistry/geophysics. Theoretical and experimental work to support development of X-ray instruments for Geochemical Experiment Packages, particularly on the NEAR mission.   Analysis and interpretation for X-ray direct composition measurements along with a wide range of other remote sensing data, including spectral reflectance and radar observations, for silicate bodies, with particular interests in asteroids, Mercury, and the Moon. 

Positions Held

Current Position:  Research faculty, Physics, Catholic University

Relevant Previous Positions: Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Albright College; 'The Professor', World of Science; 1984-90, Member of technical staff, NASA/JPL; 1982-84, Assistant Professor, Geosciences, Murray State University

Working Group Experience:  NASA Planetary Astronomy Review Panel (97-  ); Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous XGRS Working Group (95-  ); Co-investigator, Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program (94-  ); NASA Space Physics Mercury Orbiter Study Team (89-90); Goldstone Solar System Radar Experimenters Team, Mercury Coordinator (84-90); Lunar Remote Sensing (75-80) and Mercury Research (86-  ) Consortiums.


BA (1973), Chemistry, St. Joseph College, W. Hartford, CT, with Honors 

  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Section Award 
  • Connecticut State Scholarship 

U. Maryland (PhD Dissertation (1979): "Correction, Correlation, Theoretical Considerations of Lunar XRF Intensity Ratios") 

  • Teaching Assistantship, Chemistry 
  • Research Assistantship, Remote sensing/Geochemistry

National Academy of Sciences Resident Research Associateship, NASA/JPL, Pasadena, CA (1980-82) 
NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Research Fellowships, NASA/JPL (1984) and NASA/GSFC (91/92) 
Distinguished Alumna Award, St. Joseph College (1985). 

Current Research Projects

Determination/interpretation of crustal composition from elemental and mineralogical abundances, particularly in regard to iron as basis of interpretation for coming NEAR asteroid geochemical data; analysis of orbital Gamma-ray and X-ray derived elemental concentration maps on scales ranging from local to global to determine inner solar system history and the origin of major terranes and of ground-based radar-derived roughness parameters at different size scales to determine origin of major tectonic features. 

Educational Outreach

Designer/teacher for science courses which emphasize hands-on, interactive, cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Member, JPL, GSFC, and Planetary Society Speakers' Bureaus. Development of hands-on science demos for the public as 'The Professor' at World of Science (91-93).  Editor, college newspaper (SJC Probe) (72-73), and Mercury Messenger (86-  ). Advisor/Colleague/Mentor for NASA Faculty Fellow, Teacher, and Coop College Student programs at NASA/JPL and NASA/GSFC (86-  ). Coordination, field work direction of undergraduate inter-disciplinary NSF-sponsored environmental study (72-73). 


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