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SESI Summer 2014 Internship Opportunities now accept applications

IACS/SESI has internships in space science for primarily undergraduate level college students
attending U.S. universities. The students would be selected to conduct a research related
project in conjunction with a GSFC-based Ph.D. research scientist in one of the
Space Science disciplines. Additional information may be found at
If you have any questions or would like to be considered for this internship positions submit your resume to Dr. Verner at


A balloon launch

The launch preparations and also the very short and easy retrieval. We will shortly activate our own "CUA Student Space Program" Facebook page, but the images are now on Dr. Verner's. The ground activities before and at launch: The retrieval of the payload. It was visible from the road. It was so easy:


DARPA awards Catholic University, Pamela Clark research project lead, to develop artificially intelligent, Web-based software for configuring spacecraft into clusters capable to perform different jobs.


To read most recent NASA press release about Dr. Leon Ofman research visit:


NASA's "Deep Impact" blast revealed that hidden cavities filled with pressurized gas hid within the comet Tempel 1, the new study led by Dr. Sergei Ipatov of Catholic University in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


NASA Awards Cooperative Agreement for Solar-Heliospheric Science Center to the Catholic University of America: