The Catholic University of America

To become a Principal Investigator at IACS

Make sure that you are eligible to be a principal investigator (PI) at CUA before submitting a propsal. If that is not the case, you will risk to loose the funds even if you are on a winning proposal. If you are a co-investigator (Co-I) on a scientific proposal and and a part of the funds are assigned to you, then you can serve as a university PI for the assigned amount. However, as a scientific PI on a winning proposal it is imperative that you are allowed to administer the funds at CUA. Catholic University requires a fund administer of faculty rank.

If you are not of faculty rank that leaves you with two options:

  • If you forfill the requirements for being a faculty staff member you can submit an "Application for Faculty Appointment". The requirements for various ranks are defined in the Faculty Handbook, Part II Section D. The form (1-A) with instructions can be found and downloaded on the IACS web page for forms. A completed form should be submitted to Gail Hershey and the application will be addressed during an upcoming faculty meeting. The application procedure may be time-consuming and to avoid an erroneously compleeted application it is advisable to consult a memeber of the senior faculty staff prior to submission.
  • If the scientific PI requirements are not met, then you need to find someone in the faculty staff to assist you. This is usually never a problem.