The Catholic University of America

 NASA USIP Balloon Project


Team Members:

Jason Quisberth
Erin Doody
Raíssa Silva
Fernando Esteves
Peter Schramm
Gary Uritskiy
Particia Yoritomo
Devon Gonteski
Michael-David Lamos
Edemar Morsch Filho
Alex Leo
Diogenes Dichoso

Photos of our Progress:



Supervision and NASA Support

Dr. Ekaterina Verner
Dr. Fred Bruhweiler
Dr. Jandro Abot
Dr. Alan Kogut
Doug Rowland
Luke Lowe
Justin Lazear

Project Description:

We are a team of CUA students working with the NASA/HQ education initiative for undergraduate majors in science, engineering and humanities.  The course aims to provide CUA students unique opportunities to design, build, test, calibrate and fly a prototype Attitude Determination system for High Altitude Research Balloons.