The Catholic University of America

 Space Imaging Technology to Study Earth and Sun (SITES)


This balloon was launched on April 21, 2013 from the Hagerstown, MD area. It was launched by CUA students taking the Physics 240 course, "The Earth-Sun Connection," in the Spring 2013 semester. During this course Dr. Bruhweiler helped the students plan and launch the weather balloon for the first time. Students supplied the balloon with a camera, thermometer and GPS. The camera recorded a movie during the whole flight. 



  • Video on Facebook leading up to the baloon launch
  • Youtube video of the launch from the camera on the balloon.
  • Video of the whole balloon launch from blowing up the balloon to picking up the payload after it landed. This video was created from movie files from both the camera on the balloon and also from an iPhone. The on-board camera held approximately 4 hours of video, while the iPhone held 30 minutes of footage. The total movie has been cut down in length to approximately 12 minutes in this video that shows the highlights of the balloon launch process. The moment the balloon bursts has been slowed down and the sound has been amplified 200% throughout the movie, all done through iMovie software.